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''Our team works extensively and brings a creative, pragmatic, forward-thinking and sharp technical talent to the table.  Which together we unite our creative expertise and offer the optimum solutions. Which has sustained us 25+ years in the leadership role of the hospitality industry'  said Yvonne Roberts | Principal.

Guru of Luxury’s objective is to develop unique amenities and visuals that embody the essence of each particular destination while at the same time prioritizing luxury customizations, timeless sophistication, and warm, gracious customer service.


A successful luxury hotel presents an unparalleled level of service that attends to every waking—and deep sleeping—need. Guests should find that every staff member shares a genuine passion for the establishment. The character of each locale should permeate all details of the concept, design, and service, and programming should reflect the uniqueness of the property itself, further emphasizing the brand message. 

Of equal significance in today’s world is a focus on offering a responsible luxury experience—from organic products to progressive conservation and recycling programs. Eco-luxury travel is carving its place in the luxury travel market, and 44% of travelers choose to stay at environmentally conscious properties. Water conservation, reclaimed materials, native plants, biodegradable spa products, and sustainable amenities are just some of the ecologically conscious elements embraced by Guru of Luxury. 

Also, budget awareness must not be overlooked. Travelers are looking for an optimal price-to-quality balance when considering luxury hotel stays. Guru of Luxury works extensively to value engineer all design elements, consistent with the company’s ‘affordable luxury’ niche. This cost-conscious approach enables property owners a useful and practical means of providing the perfect luxury experience for today’s discerning travelers.

Specializing in historic properties Roberts' is responsible for
  • Conceptual & Interior Design

  • Pre-development

  • Cost Analysis

  • Food & Beverage

  • Health & Wellness

  • Social Membership Programming

  • ​Specialty Events

  • Stylization

  • Creative Director

  • Brand Management

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

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